[work in progress] fantabulous  a classic self working four ace trick

macdonald's $100 four ace trick


vanishing card rick

four ace trick, poor voice, music

four aces, cut to break, find locator cards

classic four ace assemply, 3 cards on bottom, reverse face

tutorial on above

cutting to all four aces; file piles, 4 aces on top, cut to 4 piles; eacvh pile, 3 cards to bottom, 3 cards to pthjer 3 piles

four aces placed in different parts of deck

pages with lots of tricks

mcdonalds 4 aces with kings

call fantablulous


Elmsley Count: Holding partial deck in Grip Hand, peel off top card 
controling with middle finger and thumb of opposite hand. Place the card 
using a sweeping motion under the partial pack (squarely) making sure 
that pinky and ring finger of opposite hand touch the index and middle finger 
of Grip Hand.  While this card is in motion, using the thumb of the Grip Hand,  
push off the Block of [x=2 for beginners].  When the opposite hand returns peel 
off the block and retain card.  Continue to peel off remaining cards with same 
with same motion, always touching pinky and ring to index and middle fingers.
 IMPORTANT:  never move the Grip Hand.

false card cuts

Two simple false cuts, one from bottom, second from top but place them back in same order

Swing cut, not false. An elegant way of cutting the cards.

Quadruple cut flouris.  Four packets of cards are rotated around one
another.  Looks hard, just takes practice. 

Snazzle cut, not false. Index finger picks up top third, taken by opposite hand.
Index finger picks up second third and places on top in opposit hand.
The final third is placed under the cards in the opposite hand. 

False Cut with Swivel:  middle finger and thumb grips the deck.  index finger picks up a third of deck.
Opposite hand takes top third.  Index finger picks up second third.  Top third placed at bottom, held 
by thump and ring finger,  Opposite hand takes bottom third.  index finger opposite hand pokes corner
of  middle third and begins swivel into opposite hand.  original top third placed on deck.

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