CLOUD experiment has confirmed that there is a better theory than man-made-carbon emissions causing global warming.

CERN, Europe's leading nuclear research center, published last week in Nature magazine the peered reviewed CLOUD experiment.  Variations in the sun's output interfere with the intensity of cosmic rays which in turn seed cloud formation more or less, which in turn inhibits and accelerates cyclical global warming.


A documentary film on Svensmark's theory, The Cloud Mystery, was produced by Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen and premiered in January 2008 on Danish TV 2 and is available on the internet

Raymond Richman, 8/31/2011

No doubt the ban-carbon-emissions-lobby will find arguments that belittle the CLOUD research at CERN, Europe's leading nuclear research center, the results of which were published last week in Nature magazine. But one thing is certain, the CLOUD experiment has confirmed that there is an alternative theory to the current theory that man-made-carbon emissions cause global warming. Al Gore, former v-p of the United States, embraced and fostered the theory and made repeated statements that the global warming science was settled. He made a movie which created widespread fear of global warming which he alleged was the result of the industrial world’s emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. From 2007 on, he knew that there was an alternative theory. That was the year in which a Danish scientist, Henrik Svensmark, affiliated with the Center for Sun-Climate Research at the Danish National Space Institute, published a paper describing his theory that climatic changes on Earth were the result of solar activity through the latter’s effects on cosmic rays bombarding the earth.

Svensmark theorized that cosmic rays causes clouds to form, cooling the earth, or impeding the formation of clouds leading to global warming.  When the sun experiences  strong magnetic activity, it diverts the cosmic rays heading for the earth preventing the formation of clouds and when there is a weak magnetic effect, cosmic rays bombard the earth’s atmosphere, seeding the clouds and facilitating cloud formations. When the sun’s magnetic activity is weak, cosmic rays cause clouds to form and cool the earth. When the sun’s magnetic activity is strong, the reduction in cosmic rays bombarding the earth’s atmosphere creates global warming.

Henrik Svensmark and Nigel Calder published a book entitled The Chilling Stars: A New Theory of Climate change (2007)  in which they asserted that Svensmark’s theory accounted for most of the global warming and that man-made emissions played a marginal role.  The book was ignored by the press in Europe and the U.S. According to Wikipedia, they wrote:

"During the last 100 years cosmic rays became scarcer because unusually vigorous action by the Sun batted away many of them. Fewer cosmic rays meant fewer clouds—and a warmer world." 

A documentary film on Svensmark's theory, The Cloud Mystery, was produced by Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen and premiered in January 2008 on Danish TV 2 and is available on the internet. Eugene Parker, professor Emeritus of Physics, Astronomy, and Astrophysics at the University of Chicago, endorses Prof. Svenmark’s work and appears in the documentary.  

Nigel Calder alleges that the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change refused to support Svensmark’s research. The IPCC unscientifically commits itself to the anthropogenic theory of global warming, global warming by carbon emissions from man’s uses of fossil fuels. The IPCC not only employed physical scientists but social scientists and laymen. Not exactly a science enterprise! The proponents succeeded in getting the world’s leaders to develop an international policy to reduce carbon emissions and to seek alternative fuels. Hundreds of billions of dollars, if not trillions, have been spent worldwide on sources of alternative energy, bio-fuels, wind and solar, all of which are inefficient and costly compared with fossil fuels.

Pres. Obama, no scientist he,  is a believer in the theory. He is quoted as saying,  “There is no longer a debate about whether carbon pollution is placing our plant in jeopardy;. It’s happening.”  He is not alone. The U.K.’s Climate Change Secretary Ed Mellband, in response to a parliamentary question stated that the science (sic!) of global warming was setttled. Only Vaclav Klaus, former President of the Czech Republic, stated the doctrine of man-made global warming was a hoax, it is “part of environmentalism not of science.” He also warned in a speech at the Global Warming Foundation’s Inaugural lecture in January, 2010 of the “threat that the global warming frenzy presents to freedom and democracy.”  And the CLOUD experiment now confirms the likely validity of Svensmark’s theory.

Jasper Kirkby, who was on the staff at CERN, the leading nuclear research institution, was influenced by Svensmark’s theory and in a lecture still available on the internet traced the periods of global warming and cooling, and concluded that natural causes cause global warming and cooling, with carbon emissions playing a small role. He finally got the backing to conduct the CLOUD experiment at CERN, to test how, if at all, cosmic rays affect global warming and cooling. The results published last week showed that cosmic rays enhance aerosol formation (nucleation) that seeds clouds by a factor of 10. When clouds increase, they cause global cooling, reflecting away from the earth the sun’s rays, and when clouds diminish they cause global warming by allowing the sun’s rays to warm the earth.

The CLOUD experiment was held up for years because the CERN directors did not want to create a possible challenge to manmade global warming theory, the great orthodoxy promoted by not only the world’s leftists but by statisticians, economists, and other social scientists.    

Following is a paragraph from the summary which avoids mentioning Prof. Svensmark’s research.

"Secondly, we have found that natural rates of atmospheric ionization caused by cosmic rays can substantially enhance nucleation under the conditions we studied – by up to a factor of 10.          Ion]enhancement is particularly pronounced in the cool temperatures of the mid]troposphere and above, where CLOUD has found that sulphuric acid and water vapour can nucleate without the need for additional vapours. This result leaves open the possibility that cosmic rays could also influence climate. However, it is premature to conclude that cosmic rays have a significant influence on climate until the additional nucleating vapours have been identified, their ion enhancement measured, and the ultimate effects on clouds have been confirmed."

Notwithstanding the careful language designed to avoid a head-on collision with anthroprogenic global warming theory, the experiment established that Prof. Svensmark’s theory is plausible and has greater scientific predictability than man-made global warming theory. In fact, the former explains the global cooling in recent decades while the cool decades contradict anthropogenic global warming theory.

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