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two of my close fiiends, Tom and Jean,  did not like the Freeh Report on Penn State & Sandusky

I read the report for the third time.  I settled on the words "humane treatment."  That's all I had to read:  Paterno and Penn State are guilty.  

Humane Treatment is the typical academic rallying cry. Worry about the prisoner and not the victim.  Worry about the mother during normal delivery when they crush the skull of the newborn seconds before delivery. and I am prolife. The more humane way, according to Paterno, to treat Sandusky is to get him counseling and keep the story under wraps.

BTW, my friend Tom was our best man, and he won the religion medal in grammar school. He was a successful patent attorney but not as i had hoped a clear thinking libertarian

My friend Jean and I go back to Travelers' data processing.  He was one of those genius planners. When he retired 15 years ago he took up painting as a hobby.  He turned about to be a world class painter and his work is hanging in museums, libraries, cathedrals, etc. 

read the article below or go to the Freeh Report link.  I could not copy the Freeh Report, it is locked for fear that rabid Penn Staters will alter the text, but it is an easy read, all 270 pages, including emails and hand written notes.

Sandusky was a phys ed teacher but was given full professorship status.  he raped moire than 40 boys at least 100s of times.

Yet the culture at Penn State denies this.  the Three School officials will go to jail, for sure

Louis Freeh Report: 5 Things You Must Know from Findings on Penn State Scandal


the Louis Freeh Report



(Featured Columnist) on July 12, 2012

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Hi-res-146677993_crop_650x440 Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The highly anticipated Louis Freeh Report has been released. 

Freeh is a former FBI director who was hired by the Penn State Board of Trustees in November of last year when former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was accused of molesting several young boys. The university was accused of not doing enough to prevent it.

The report is 267 pages long and includes a lot of critical information.

Here are the key things you need to know about this lengthy report.

This Was a Thorough Investigation

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Louis Freeh and his team must have not gotten much sleep over the past several months. There were over 430 interviews that took place, such as those with several different members of the university, including athletes, members of the coaching staff and of the Board of Trustees.

There were also over 3.5 million documents and emails through which they searched, according to the report.

In addition, there was also a forensic investigation, which revealed that assistant coach Mike McQueary witnessed a sexual assault in 2001, not 2002, contrary to what he said in his testimony. 

Assaults Could Have Been Prevented

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Despite many knowing about the criminal activity that was going on since 1998, Sandusky was still allowed access to Penn State facilities. The university didn't take any measures to prevent him from coming on campus, according to the report.

If the former assistant coach had been prevented, Freeh says that some of these assaults may not have happened at all.

Sandusky Retirement

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Jerry Sandusky retired from coaching at Penn State in 1999, but he requested a retirement plan that included an extra $20,000 yearly annuity along with his pension. He wanted to remain a part of Penn State athletics in some way, so he could continue to work with young people, according to the report.

Former president Graham Spanier had given Sandusky a payment of $168,000—a sum the university had never before given to a retired employee. Ex-athletic director Tim Curley also received authorization to re-hire Sandusky as an "emergency hire" during the 1999 season. 

Along with the large lump of cash, Sandusky was awarded "emeritus" rank, which allowed for special privileges, including access to the campus and locker rooms on the university's East Area.

The Board of Trustees Didn't Do Their Job

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Despite the Penn State board being made aware of the allegations earlier this year, they failed to act on the matter or demand any action from the school president, according to the report. The general counsel, senior vice president and school president also failed to bring the 1998 and 2001 allegations to the board.

The board did not have committee structures or reporting procedures on how to deal with such a major risk to the university. The board also had too much confidence in former president Graham Spanier's ability to handle these issues, and did not know how to go about filing criminal charges or firing former head coach Joe Paterno. 

Everybody Turned a Blind Eye to the Whole Thing

Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Probably the most upsetting thing about this whole case is the fact that nobody tried to step up and stop it. According to the Freeh report

The most powerful men at Penn State failed to take any steps for 14 years to protect the children who Sandusky victimized. Messrs. Spanier, Schultz, Paterno and Curley never demonstrated, through actions or words, any concern for the safety and well-being of Sandusky’s victims until after Sandusky’s arrest. 

You can take it for what it is, but this prestigious university's reputation, along with that of one of the greatest college football coaches of all time, may forever have a black eye.

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John Vallieres

The following applies to 1) the definition of the word ‘decay’, and 2) what this individual opines to be the state of the social morals of our nation. Read, reflect, and judge for yourselves.DECAY: Gradual failure of health, strength, soundness, prosperity, or of any species of excellence or perfection; tendency toward dissolution or extinction; corruption; rottenness; decline; deterioration; as, the decay of the body; the decay of virtue; the decay of the Roman empire; a castle in decay. What took place at Penn State reflects what has been taking place across the United States over the last forty to fifty years. With each passing year the decay worsens. I suggest that the political policies of our current government in Washington – Democrats and Republicans alike, reflects this state. That having been said I believe the rot exists within the entire population. Strong words but worth arguing over.

John Vallieres - 13-07-’12 22:03
John Vallieres

Posting of photos was both distracting and appeals to emotion when reason should be ruling the argument. When we judge more from the senses then the intellect, we judge with emotions and not with reason. This is evidenced by the destructive power of Television. More people and more events have been judged by image than by fact. Another sign of the sure decay of our society. Where once we read to be informed, now we sit back and view. When we read we engage the mind. When we view we engage the senses. Worth reflecting on.

John Vallieres - 13-07-’12 22:13
tom scott


I am in the process of reading Mr. Freeh’s Report and so far, I am really disillusioned with Mr. Freeh. He is a panderer.

From what I have gathered so far, it was quite a common occurrence for Mr. Sandusky to shower with young boys. It had been going on for years. Many staff members and coaches of the football team had seen him showering with young boys and no one thought there was anything to it and none of them saw Mr. Sandusky engaged in any sexual conduct with any of the young boys. Hm-m-m-m makes one wonder what is really going on here.

So far in Mr. Freeh’s Report, he states that the Jury convicted Mr. Sandusky of only sexual misconduct with three (3) young boys. Of all the young boys Mr. Sandusky showered with he was convicted of sexual misconduct with only three (3) of them? Hm-m-m, It makes one wonder what is really going on here.

Under the Constitution of the US, an accused is entitled to confront his accusers. In the case of the Attorney General’s Office in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the identity of Mr. Sandusky’s accusers was withheld almost to the time of trial and then the trial judge gave defense counsel thirty (30) days to work on their defense after the accusers that were to appear at trial were identified. The reason for timely identifying an accuser is to provide defense counsel with an opportunity to investigate into the background of the accuser to see if there is any evidence that the accuser is other than a reliable witness of integrity. Mr. Amendola, the primary counsel for the defense, indicated that this is one issue that will be address on appeal, i.e., that the defense counsel was not accorded sufficient time to investigate the background of the accusers.

Of course, not all of the accusers were identified and some never even appeared in court and yet the prosecutor’s office put forth the “alleged” details of Mr. Sandusky’s sexual misconduct with these accusers. Hm-m-m, it makes one wonder what is really going on here.

Additionally, Mr. Freeh, the panderer, inserted into his report, a paragraph, on another would be “alleged accuser” who came forward during the trial with a claim that he was sexually abused by Mr. Sandusky over 100 times when he was younger. Presumably, this “alleged accuser” is one of the Sandusky’s adopted sons who is currently married, but left his wife and family to return to the Sandusky’s house and was living with the Sanduskys during the trial. This boy is a troubled youngster with a history of emotional problems. Hardly the makeup of a reliable witness with a reputation for integrity. Hm-m-m, it makes one wonder what is really going on here.

The Assistant District Attorney who looked into the original allegations of sexual misconduct by Mr. Sandusky disappeared shortly after he decided there was insufficient evidence of sexual misconduct by Mr. Sandusky to file criminal charges against him. This Assistant District Attorney disappeared and is now presumed to be dead, because his body has never been found. Additionally, all of the files of this Assistant District Attorney regarding the allegations of sexual misconduct by Mr. Sandusky have disappeared. Hm-m-m, it makes one wonder what is really going on here.

No word has been mentioned in the media about all of the children who were helped by Mr. Sandusky’s Second Mile organization. Who have nothing but positive things to say about Mr. Sandusky and the Second Mile Organization. No mention was made during the trial if any of these hundreds of young boys and young girls ever testified in Mr. Sandusky’s behalf. In the initial investigation against Mr. Sandusky for sexual misconduct, one of the professionals who interviewed him and later discussed the allegations with a colleague stated, “A man does not suddenly become a pedophile at age 52.” He further reported he found nothing from his interview with Mr. Sandusky that conformed to any of the characteristics of a pedophile. His report had a strong influence on the initial charges against Mr. Sandusky being dropped. Hm-m-m, it makes one wonder what is really going on here.

Maybe there is more damning evidence to be read in Mr. Freeh’s report, but so far I see only 2 instances where the sexual misconduct of Mr. Sandusky was supported by independent 3rd party testimony. The first was the janitor who relayed what he alleged saw to fellow workers and their supervisor. The janitor was unable to testify due to dementia so, the court permitted the hearsay evidence to be admitted. Obviously, Mr. Sandusky and his counsel were not given the opportunity to confront this accuser. The other was Mike McQwery, the Assistant Football Coach. His testimony has been suspect because he apparently told different people different versions of what he saw and he didn’t even get the year of the incident correct when he testified before the Grand Jury. Mr. Sandusky and his counsel were given the opportunity to confront Mr. McQwery, but it is unclear whether or not Mr. Sandusky was convicted on the counts related to Mr. McQwery’s allegations. Hm-m-m, it makes one wonder what is really going on here.

Obviously, the media has whipped up a frenzy against all those involved in these incidents and to this day, it is not clear in my mind exactly what happened. It seems to me that there were a large number, perhaps as many as 10 who claimed they were sexually assaulted by Mr. Sandusky, but so far in my reading of Mr. Freeh’s Report, he cites only THREE (3) accusers who Mr. Sandusky was found guilty of sexual misconduct with. If Mr. Sandusky did indeed sexually abuse any of these accusers then he deserves to have the book thrown at him. However, to me it is not clear that there is evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt“ to find him guilty. Then again without being present to hear the evidence against him and the testimony of the witnesses, it is difficult to decide one way or another. I expected to find Mr. Freeh’s Report to clarify things more because I had a very high opinion of Mr. Freeh as a person of integrity. After reading the first part of his Report, I am beginning to have serious reservations to the point I now consider him a panderer.


tom scott - 14-07-’12 10:58
bill p

I hope that they sentence Sandusky to the Max and that they don’t even bring him back for the public to see his face again. Our diocese of Phoenix tried to trot out Bishop Obrien for some award banquet but the people haven’t forgotten his shuffling Priests all around to cover up for the pedophiles and sending them to unsuspecting parishes.

The real problem with college athletics is that there are too many programs that recruit kids from areas that do not understand what a normal society is and what is expected of them. The police chief in Boulder, CO said one time that the first thing he did in the fall was to pick up a U of Colorado football program so that he had a list of possible suspects whenever crimes were committed on Campus or the city

bill p - 14-07-’12 13:32

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