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  • Solar maximum? Oh, you just missed it
    we are headed for another solar grand minimum;  the last minimum was in 1645-1715 leading to the little ice age in Europe   26 September 2012 by Stuart Clark Magazine issu
  • Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Record ... High?
    Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Record ... High? Does that mean Earth isn't warming up? Sea ice extent around Antarctica on September 26. Yellow line shows median September sea ice
  • Antarctic Sea Ice Sets Another Record
    91% OF WORLD ICE IS IN ANTARTICA.   321 comments, 34 called-out + Comment now Antarctic Iceberg (Photo credit: NOAA's National Ocean Service) Antarctic sea ice set another
  • Greenland Ice Melt: Should We Be Alarmed?
    NASA said it was unprecendebted, which means never happened before. But ice core smaples measuring greenland climate for past 10,000 years show that the Greenland Ice Melt
    LAKE SUNAPEE 02 08 2012:  PLATE TECTONICS IN ACTION  hopefully the loons are long gone; but I did see a few in nyc, see next email. joe the ice plates on lake sunapee have

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