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  • KURZWEIL: The 6 Epochs of Technology
    Epoch 1. Physics and Chemistry Epoch 2. Biology and DNA Epoch 3. Brains Epoch 4. Technology Epoch 5. The Merger of Human Technology with Human Intelligence Epoch 6. The Un
  • Ray Kurzweil (Inventor)
    Experts Ray Kurzweil Inventor, Author, Futurist Biotechnology Will Stop Aging 5:13 Discuss & Watch Video Ray Kurzweil on Ending Disease 5:25 Discuss & Watch Video Ray Kurz
    EARTH'S POPULATION - ENOUGH ROOM?:  I remember as a young actuary , circ 1960, studying demographics for the actuarial examinations .  It was a required examination subjec
    [work in progress]    C Computers do not have to be conscious to be smarter than humans. The AI gang will win the race to superhuman computers, and perhaps immortality.  
  • God & The Higher Power
      this article was deleted by mistake and is being rebuilt; work in progress; higher power notes; atheism is logically indefensible; it is impossible to prove a negative;

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