tom, i wish i had the patience and skill to write a response as thought provoking as yours, but i need to tell you that i disagree totally and absolutely with your sentiments.

1.        our jurist system is badly broken, particularly when it comes to delivering justice to victims. TG we have grand juries.
2.        the AD and Senior VP both resigned stating they provided cover for Sandusky in return for his resignation.

3.        i ran three large organizations, averaging more than 15,000 people. I knew everything because there are plenty of ass kissers in every organization who want to tell you everything.  i knew more than i wanted to know; and the burden is too know what to act on and what to forget.

4.        my hunch is that paterno lied to the grand jury. he knew everything.  and, he knowingly or unwittingly misled the grand jury.  and, if someone what to "get him," he is dog meat.

5.        all the good that paterno is alleged to have done is rat shit because he provided sandusky with access to the showers after 1998.

6.        paterno should have retired 24 years ago.  any asshole that hangs on at age 84 coaching at a high pressure football university is an egomaniacal moron.  over the 60 years of his coaching, he may be the winningest coach, but on the average of his 60 years he was an average coach.  

7.        coach K of duke, provided candid remarks about paterno;  and was he on target.

Don’t you realize what is going on with Joe Paterno and Penn State?  He ran a clean program for some 60 years or so.  He pushed the athletes to perform both academically and on the field.  He did not hesitate to get rid of troublemakers when they were identified in the program.  He was dealing with young men and trying to guide them in the creation of a successful football program and to be successful when they graduated.  He was the envy of the other phony NCAA football programs around the country who used well-to-do alumni to circumvent the restrictions of the NCAA.  They all hated him because he was a class person who was totally committed to Penn State and the football program.  When this crap about Jerry Sandusky came to light everyone in the media, politics and just about everyone else saw this as an opportunity to brand Joe Paterno as a hypocrite and do everything possible to break him.  They are all a collection of scumbags.  None of these accusers have yet been identified, except the latest one to come forth.  The Grand Jury found that Joe Paterno did every thing he was legally obligated to do when it was brought to his attention.  He did far, far more than any member of the HRCC hierarchy in addressing a very similar situation.  His reputation has been dragged into the mud and all the good works he has done in his 60+ years at Penn State have been thrown out the window.

Remember in a Grand Jury Inquiry, no complainants are subject to the type of cross-examination they will encounter in a Court Room.  Every thing in the Grand Jury Report is the prosecutions story about what happened.  Mr. Sandusky like every other alleged sexual predator is entitled to his day in court.  He keeps claiming he is innocent of the charges.  He readily admits to the showering with young boys and horsing around with them.  I find that all repugnant and believe even if that was what he was doing he should have been stopped by the proper authorities.  If he is found guilty of the even more heinous conduct he is accused of, he should have the book thrown at him and let him spend the rest of his life as an identified sexual offender. There are thousands and thousands of these characters living in hundreds and hundreds of communities throughout this country.

The police authorities, district attorneys and judges are always preaching, = 220;Don’t take matters into your own hands.  Just inform the authorities and let the authorities handle the actions of any sexual perpetrators.”  This is exactly what Joe Paterno did.  He reported the allegations to his superior, the Athletic Director, and even reported them to the Chief of Campus Security.  It was their responsibility to report them to the police.  They failed to do so and that is why they are also under indictment with Mr. Sandusky.

The Grand Jury found absolutely no case for criminal liability against Joe Paterno that I have seen reported to date.  The phony Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Corbett, is a hypocrite, publicly criticizing Joe Paterno for not doing more when he, Tom Corbett was the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania when the initial allegations were brought against Jerry Sandusky in the early 2000s.  What did Tom Corbett as the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, do about looking further into those allegations and inquiries?  Absolutely nothing!  Furthermore, Tom Corbett was the Attorney General of Pennsylvania when the scam in Scranton about the Judges with financial interests in a private juvenile detention center were sending children with minor infractions to their center for years at a time.  What did Tom Corbett do when that scam was first reported to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court?  Nothing!  Even a few years later after many more children were sent to this center by these judges and it was again reported to the Supreme Court, what did Tom Corbett as Attorney General do?  Nothing!  He waited for the Supreme Court to conduct its own inquiry into the conduct of these judges and found out that the reports were true that he came in and supported the work of the Supreme Courts board of inquiry.  Tom Corbett is a flaming hypocritical phony who is in absolutely no position whatsoever to be criticizing Joe Paterno for not doing enough.  Tom Corbett and almost all of Joe Paterno’s critics are not even worthy to carry Joe Paterno’s sweaty jock strap.  They are basically a bunch of hypocrites trying to sully the life long reputation of a man of character who has done more for others in his 80+ plus years in this life than all of his detractors combined.  Tom

winningest coach? - bullshit; just an average coach
he should have retired 24 years ago.
he should have his ass whipped for misleading everyone
Brophy Saturday 19 November 2011 - 03:15 am | | Brophy Blog

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