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  • Thanksgiving - Christmas 2010
  • Yosemite Christmas 2012
  • Brophy Family History - Surname
    Index.   "Brophy" is 6,983 rd most popular name in the U.S.   72 year average lifespan   National Average: 75    probability of about 1 in 10,000 in USA per joe brophy A s
    visit Brophy at www.BrophyBlog.net/ a Libertarian  Point of View ____________________________________________________ visit Brophy at Kearsarge Marines at  w
  • Peter Brophy - Habitat for Humanities
  • Peter's Graduation - Eagle Scout
    Pictures from Peter's graduation and Eagle Scout ceremony.  These are high resolution pictures and may be download. HELPFUL HINT:  if you click on a picture is should open
    Flower Slide Shows 1.  Flowers Flowers
    SCENIC SLIDESHOWS:  1. Afghanistan Afghanistan
    FAMILY OBITUARIES:    [WORK IN PROGRESS] Joseph Thomas Brophy Carole Ann Johnson Brophy
  • Brophy Videos
  • Meditation Time Out
    Click below for a time out: 1. MEDITATION 2. IRISH BLESSING 3. More IRISH BLESSINGS 4. The Seasons In Life
  • Photo Galleries
    Brophy Family Photo & Genealogy Galleries Brophy Family Miscellaneous Collection    (images set 1) [This is a compilation of interesting, humorous, provocative (in a few i
  • Himself
    Don't listen to Brophy. . . . . . he's gone mad . . . . . . pity, he showed signs of promise. . . . . . . .make sure to turn up your sound volume or turn your hearing on..
    [ This is a work in progress ] This section also contains a list of categories containing material for downloading :  CLICK ON THE MORE BUTTON Hello Everyone; ............
    { Author's Note: The author's goal was to write a one page article on Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). It is not possible! There is simply too much disinformation, and
  • SUNSPOTS minima
    NOTE WELL; this article is in the process of being updated to reflect the facts surrounding the new sunspot cycle #24 which is finally underway. What happened to the Sunsp
  • Negotiating With Iran
    I am rewriting this article in light of Hillary Clinton's recent affirmation: NO NUKES FOR IRAN - NEVER It is a pity that Hillary is not President, in lieu of Obama. She i

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