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    a wonderful video: growing up intalian; the slide show version of which was created by John Fusco, my esteeemed brother in law.
  • Organic food no healthier than non-organic
    i knew this for a long time.  2 issues:  (1) most food advertised as organix is not organic and is contaminated, as is all food from China. (2) Organic food weakens the im
  • Stop dumping on us; OCCUPY WALL STREET
    Stop dumping on us; homeowners complain abut OCCUPY WALL STREET One of my children works on Wall Street and he says it is difficult to traverse the area near the park beca
  • FOOD TIPS - Storing Food
    How long can that bottle of  ketchup stay in your fridge before it goes  bad?   I bought a bottle of ketchup 9 years ago and I'm thinking it is OK. But if you  want an exp

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