Tom:   voting is complex; people should vote for leaders who reflect their values, as best as one can tell.

The video is ok;  life is an important issue; look what is happening to China, Germany, Japan and Russia;  they can never recoup; more on this demographic issue later.  

One thing you can say about the rich is they give it back to the people in the most efficient way.   Who has done more for the usa than the rockerfellers and carnegies. 

When the pols are involved, nothing filters done;  and that is the real cause of the divide between the rich and the poor.   Lot of good articles on the poor getting richer and the rich getting richer.    Always great to hear from y’all.  Joe

Joe,   That video reminds me of the Nixon campaigns when he promised that Catholic parents would get relief from using their after Tax dollars to pay the heavy tuition burden of the Catholic grammar and high schools.  It was all political hypocrisy and relief never came either in his first or aborted second term. This video is in the same vein. It is calling catholics to vote on moral issues.  It is preferable for everyone including catholics to vote their pocketbook issues. Since Ronald Reagan, this country has put in place laws and regulations that favor the 1% at the expense of the middle and poor class.  Historically, this country has always had those like in most other countries who have accummulated inordinate wealth.  Think here of Rockefellers, Carnegies, DuPonts, etc., but the big difference between them and the current.  Tom

Brophy Thursday 22 May 2014 - 7:39 pm | | Brophy Blog

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