Braveheart 2: Trump Edition

Thursday 31 August 2017 at 6:04 pm.

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Thomas J. Scott

Joe, So Happy to seeing you so healthy and alert. Your information on Fertility Rates is eye-opening. It seems to be setting the stage for all those who have prophesied about Armageddon to be proven to be true. I am so happy to be of an advanced age so that we will not have to deal with those days when they come and they are definitely coming. You know why the Black Muslims under that little s^^t Elijah Muhammad killed Malcolm in the Audubon Ballroom in Washington Heights? Malcolm returned from a tour of a number of Muslim countries and learned that the foundation of Islam was LOVE and not HATE that the Black Muslims were preaching, especially HATE of Whitey. Those morons did not know that members of Islam put more Africans in Slavery over the course of history than all non-muslims combined. Prophets have been telling all who will listen that armies from the North and the South will combine in an effort to wipe Israel off the map and only God Himself will intervene to save the Jewish state. The fertility statistics you talk about seem perfectly suited for such a result. Islam has a very basic problem – it is house divided against itself and its only unifying factor is that all these divided elements are united against Israel. It will be most interesting to see how it all turns out. Do you know what sent Islam back in time instead of building on the fantastic growth it experienced in the Middle Ages? It was Mr. Gutenberg and his printing press. The muslims under Sharia Law held that the printing press was the work of the Devil and prohibitted its use. As a result, they fell very far behind to the West who experienced a fantastic rate of growth in Science and technology due the widespread use of printing presses. The muslims wallowed in their tedious time consuming copying in handwritten scrolls. The West will need another printing press if it is to compete with the muslims fertility rates.

God Bless You and All the Members of Your Extended Family,

Tom & Pat

Thomas J. Scott - 16-09-’17 03:35

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