Man-made global warming can't be proven

there are no peer reviewed studies to prove anthropogenic warming

there are more than a dozen peer reviewed studies that show the variability of the sun is the culprit


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Most people accept the existence of climate change because there's ample geologic evidence revealing that the climate has been changing since time immemorial. Common sense tells us that climate change is a normal, cyclical condition caused by powerful and uncontrollable natural forces, such as influence of the sun, volcanic eruptions, plate movement and ocean and wind currents, while many believe it's the creator's hand.

However, "distinguished research professor" Jeffrey Bada (Aug. 18) argues that our unusual weather today is caused by humans who are releasing too much CO2 into the atmosphere, although he doesn't disclose the Earth's optimum CO2 concentration or ideal temperature. Instead, he complains that these climate "denier groups" who are offering "distortions of the truth and the use of pseudo-science to promote scare tactics" are hurting efforts to control global warming.

Climate "deniers" exist because the scientific community has never produced tangible proof that global warming is man-made, nor do we believe it can be proven. "Deniers" ask for the specific methods that will be used to "fix" global warming other than the absurd suggestions of placing mirrors in space or injecting sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere. And who exactly will fix global warming and announce when the crisis is under control ---- politicians or bureaucrats?

Brophy Tuesday 04 September 2012 - 8:59 pm | | Global Warming
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