Obama is the first man in history to spend $6 trillion in four years and, as if that isn't enough, he's the first to spend $6 trillion in four years and not leave any trace." -Mark Steyn

The Fiscal Cliff is Just a Warm-up

"If you took every single penny that Warren Buffett has, it'd pay for 4-1/2 days of the US government. This tax-the-rich won't work. The problem here is the government is way bigger than even the capacity of the rich to sustain it. The Buffett Rule would raise $3.2 billion a year, and take 514 years just to pay off Obama's 2011 budget deficit." -Mark Steyn

"If you think only the wealthy are going to be hit by what's coming, think again. The fiscal cliff is going to drag everyone else down with it. It's just the warm-up for the total societal collapse of the United States." -Mark Steyn

Bouncy Castles: America's Silent Killers

"AP says bounce houses 'should be supervised by trained operators.' That's great, isn't it? If you were thinking, 'Wow, there are no jobs out there,' there's never been a better time to become a credentialed, licensed bounce castle operator. You could easily do a bachelors degree in bounce house-ology." -Mark Steyn

"Go back to D-Day. Do you think a nation raised to be scared of bouncy castles would ever be able to storm those beaches? What kind of adults are going to emerge from this cocoon? What kind of adults result from this overprotective environment?" -Mark Steyn

We Must Play the Long Game and Take Back Turf

"You cannot raise a couple of generations in liberal air from kindergarten to university -- with motion pictures, with television, with newspapers, with mainline churches -- in a default liberal setting, and then turn it around with elections. You can't save the country with a guy in the voting booth punching the tab of the fella with the (R) after his name every other November." -Mark Steyn

"We just wasted a billion dollars trying to drag a guy with an (R) next to his name over the finish line. Maybe we should have spent that money making five, $200-billion, Avatar-sized movies that framed the conservative message with great, big, blockbuster storytelling. We need a strategy for getting back in the game on all other fronts." -Mark Steyn

"We're not allowed to find Sacha Baron Cohen's movie funny, because he's making fun of Arab dictators and making fun of liberals. You're not allowed to do that." -Mark Steyn

More Stories Mark Discussed on Today's Show

"So now China will have the tallest building in the world, and Japan will have floating trains that run 400 miles an hour. If you're going to have big government, that's what you should get for it. There's an argument for that kind of big government. But if you've got big government and nothing to show for it, you have the worst of both worlds. Big government here funds bureaucracy and dependence." -Mark Steyn

"They say there's nowhere to cut to avert the fiscal cliff. Really? The cost of flying, staffing and entertaining Barack Obama is more than every European royal house combined. This isn't even a partisan thing. When you're broke, the guy in charge should cut back. Why does Obama have full-time movie projectionist on staff around the clock? Is it in case he wakes up at 2 a.m. and wants to watch 'The Ice Follies of 1939'?" -Mark Steyn

"You know who can be fiscally conservative but socially liberal? Rock stars. They can sleep with everything that moves and some things that don't, drive their race cars into swimming pools, and put everything up their noses. Because they have people to fix problems. Politicians don't have that, and they can't have one without the other." -Mark Steyn

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