Kearsarge Marine's Rocco Zullo Honored

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Janet “Zooey” Zullo stands with her father, Rocco Zullo, at Cedar Hill Assisted Living in Windsor. His experiences while serving as a Marine First Sargent during the battle at the Chosin Reservoir in Korea 60 years ago, including a nearly fatal stomach wound, are detailed in the new book, "Give Me Tomorrow," by military historian Patrick O’Donnell. (Valley News — James M. Patterson)

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The book Give Me Tomorrow does justice for then-First Sergeant Rocco Zullo. If there is really such a thing as a “born” military leader, Zullo is the mold from which they are all made. How does an entire company of battle-toughened, hard to impress Marines both fear and love their First Sergeant? The men obeyed him not simply because they feared him, but because they feared failure to meet his standards. The men also understood that Zullo cared deeply for their welfare even though he would never say it, and no one dared ask.

Never common, men like Zullo are in short supply these days. The man comes from a time when the First Sergeant wasn’t just the chief paper pusher. Rocco is a product of an era when the top sergeant could lick any man in the company, and that was just the least of his attributes; that he could beat any man had to be gospel to the point that the First Sergeant never had to prove it.

There were many good men in George Company in 1950; without them the story of George Company would not be possible. Rocco Zullo epitomizes everything that is desired in a company-level leader.

Ed - 11-03-’13 09:58
Jose E. Lujan

I was privleged and proud to have served under Captain Rocco A. Zullo. He was my commanding Officer of MTMaintCo, at Camp Pendleton, CA.( 1959 Thru 1961) He was the greatest Marine I ever met. He cared 100% for the welfare of his men.I think of him when I read about Military heroes. I often wonder if he still alive.

Jose E. Lujan - 18-03-’13 15:12
Michelle Groleau

Rocco Zullo was the Assistant Principal of our high school in Windsor, Vermont when I attended over thirty years ago. He made such an impression upon me that I will never forget him. He clearly was a man of honor and integrity, strength, leadership, and all that has made this country great. It is very difficult to find accurate words to descibe what it was like in his presence. He was someone of whom you wanted approval from. He was the father everyone wished they could have and no doubt the man every boy wished he could become.

Michelle Groleau - 23-08-’13 20:52
Janet E. Williams - Abbott

Mr. Zullo was an inspiration to me at Windsor High School, Windsor, Vt. We knew he was in the military but he didn’t talk about it. I had him for typing, business law and economics. He was the finest teacher I had in all my school years including college. I should have known he was a hero. He respected us as students but took no misbehavior. I remember him telling a student to put his gum in the GI can. I learned more from him than any other teacher I had. There are no words to express the respect I had for him.

Janet E. Williams - Abbott - 05-04-’14 19:58
Robert Hoferer

I served under Capt. Zullo in 1961/62 at MTMaint.. He was truly a great man. He was afraid of nothing, but I had not known his past history. The only thing I did know about him is his men/command came first. I was his company driver…Drove Jeep #190076. I’ll never forget him or it. He was one of the VERY BEST Marines. ‘Semper-Fi’ Mr. Zullo.

Pfc. (at the time) Robert Hoferer

Robert Hoferer - 28-02-’16 01:26

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