Michael Moore to Obama - 'This is what happens when u pick John Kerry as your debate coach

 Michael Moore to Obama - 'This is what happens when u pick John Kerry as your debate coach


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Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore was disappointed with President Barack Obama's performance at the  first debate at the University of Denver on Wednesday night and, he made his views known on Twitter to his over one million one hundred thousand followers. Moore was also angry with PBS debate moderator Jim Lehrer, saying that "[Clint] Eastwood's chair would do a better job moderating..."  :

Here's a sample of some of Mr. Moore's tweets:

"Get This Obama spoke FOUR minutes longer than Romney did tonight! Didn't feel that way, did it? That sorta says it all."

"Hey Barack, there's no bonus for winning this without using '47%'. It's not f****ng Galaga."

Moore re-tweeted: "If Romney keeps this up...Obama is going to vote for him!"

"Is Bill Clinton coming in to sub next quarter? O! Wake up! Attack! That is not Joh McCain over on that podium!"

"Romney is channeling the look and sound of Reagan. Obama is giving a professor's lecture. Note to O: DOn't wait til later to throw a punch."

"Pres Obama -We know u were miffed that Biden pushed u on gay marriage. Have u ever thought of surprising him w/ a big kiss on the lips?"

"This is what happen when u pick John Kerry as your debate coach." 

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