I have had a large, increasing following of recipte devotees ever since i discoverd that it is OK, diet wise, to eat potatoes, if you are Irish.  Here is a recipe I found years ago in "Dad's Own Cookbook - everything that mother never told you" by Bob Sloan.

Place a dozen eggs in a pot and cover with at least one-half inch of water over the standing eggs.  Bring to a boil ASAP.  Immediately (without delay or hesitation) turn down flame to a bare simmer (just a handful on tiny tiny bubbles) for precisely 12 minutes, to the second. Remove pot and place in sink, and run cold water until the pot and water are cold.  Place eggs in refrigerator with a cover on eggs.  Good for 7 days, maybe a bit longer if you have a supercooled fridge.  PS.  The eggs can be consumed while warm immeditately after the cool-off.  Just yummy.  You will discover that the shell peels off easily, and the the egg white is gloosy white and the yolk is golden yolk.  No evidence of burned yolk.  After 5 days in the fridge, you may find that shelling the egg is more tedious;  a sign that shelf life in near closing in.

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HUMANS - diversity

Diversity is Reality. Should we be promoting diversity or unity.  Most liberals get caught up in their underwear on this issue.

The video on the next page (click the "more" button) to see an unusual panorama of human diversity

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Power Point Slideshow Downloads

Below you will find a list of Power Point Slideshows you can download and enjoy:

If you do not have the Power Point Viewer, grab ones of these.

Power Point Viewer 2010 (PC) Microsoft
Power Point Viewer 2007 (PC).exe
Power Point Viewer for (MAC).HQX

Additional Mature Themed Power Point Presentations (password protected)

Click the (more) below to continue:

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[work in progress]

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If you do not have a plan, here is one, (click on green more)

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[work in progress]   CComputers do not have to be conscious to be smarter than humans. The AI gang will win the race to superhuman computers, and perhaps immortality.  

There is a race on to unravel and understand consciousness.  Stuart Hamerofff and Roger Penrose are high profile scientists who are in the forefront of leading edge thinking.  Hameroff points out that the each axon in the brain circuity contains pods of microtubules (maybe 10,000 in each pod) raising the complexity by at least 5 orders of magnitude.  IBM on the other hand is on a mission to map the brain [see link].

the AI [link] folks are continuing to be under attack.  After all, AI is just that:  Articificial Intelligence.  And most certainly not robust enough to even mimic consciousness. BUT WAIT:   Listen to Ray Kurzweil.  Kurzweil has made predictions.  Kurzweill is a prophet.  Kurzweil is also an inventor.  See article 3 below on his unbelievable inventions  (more to come)

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How Much do You Know about the Greater Middle East

You probably are a bit out of touch.  To prove or disapprove of this assertion, take this simple, but enjoyable geography test.

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The six best jobs in the usa are 1. systems engineer; 2. mathematician; 3. actuary; 4. statistician; 5. computer systems analyst and 6. meteorologist.  All requires analytic and logical skills.  What does it mean? A paradign shift is of monumental proposrtions  is underway.  We are transitioning from a manfacturing economy to an information economy. The change is occuring at exponential rates and we are well past the knee of the curve. Human knowledge and human skill sets (such as poetry, virtuosity, arts, gaming, legal, medical etc) are being codified into "expert" computer programs, are all soon to be residing on a tiny chip.  Worker productivity (labor, technical, managerial) is being significanly enhanced creating unemployment for unskilled labor.

What is an information economy? Study the nature of the top exisitng jobs and you will find the essence of the answer.

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Model Railroads

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