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  • World's First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun
    This Is The World's First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun The 3D-printed gun that Cody Wilson calls the "Liberator." Click to enlarge. (Credit: Michael Thad Carter for Forbes) Eig
  • Robot Hiring Boom Has Arrived
    Robot Hiring Boom Has Arrived yes, see rest of discussion below Daniel Honan on December 27, 2011, 12:00 AM The knock against many technology companies is they create too
  • De-pindusstrialization of America
    Facts About The De industrialization Of America That Will Blow Your Mind. The United States is rapidly becoming the very first "post-industrial" nation on the globe.  All
    There is nothing political about this email.  It simply points out very probable changes that are in our future.   And, to me, some of these, are indeed a big worry!!    C

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