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    My New Scientist Home | Physics & Math | In-Depth Articles Reality: Is matter real? 02 October 2012 by Jan Westerhoff Magazine issue 2884 . Subscribe and save For similar
  • Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Record ... High?
    Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Record ... High? Does that mean Earth isn't warming up? Sea ice extent around Antarctica on September 26. Yellow line shows median September sea ice
  • The Republicans: Behind the Barricades
    a conservvative point of view   October 11, 2012 Jonathan Freedland E-mail Print Share   1. All conventions—whether of insurance salesmen or political parties—are sealed w
  • What the Democrats Have to Show
    a liberal point of view   October 11, 2012 Joseph Lelyveld E-mail Print Share   Barack Obama; drawing by John Springs Our political conventions have long since become TV s
  • The Abraham Test
    The Abraham Test this is an interesting analsis, but beyond our comprehension.  we are dealing with an infinite timeless God  intereacting with a finite event.  simply sta
  • HOW THE HRCC (Catholic Church) GOT STARTED
    How did the HRCC (Holy Roman Catholic Church) get from the Cross on Calvary to Rome? work in progress, near completion I took a course:  the Dead Sea Scrolls, at Adventure
  • John Pugh's New Murals
    Having a cow: Valentine's Day, a mural unveiled during the Global Mural Conference in Twentynine Palms, California Greek tragedy: But the Doric-style columns apparently ex

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