God particle' discovery beats fireworks for scientists 4 hrs ago related links Scientists uncover 'God particle' The Higgs Boson made simple How the Higgs particle gives things mass It may be the Fourth of July, but science enthusiasts around the world now have another reason to celebrate. As widely expected, those super brainy scientists over at CERN, in Switzerland, announced today that after more than 40 years of searching they had "discovered a particle consistent with" that elusive "God particle" (aka Higgs boson). As we all remember from science class, it's rather complicated, but amazingly, that one little particle could explain how matter attains mass and help explain the workings of our entire universe. The team is calling the results "very preliminary," but it's enough to have the science community breaking out the champagne.

Brophy Wednesday 04 July 2012 - 07:42 am | | Brophy Blog

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